The scariest video you have ever watched in the name of science

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Ronny Finseth says:

Bring a parachute next time..

puma skilled says:

is money really worth it to go ALLLLLL the way up there NOT TO ME!

Chrystel SG says:

I am sweating and crying…

raven simon says:

i wonder if climbing is hard.. how they built it..

raven simon says:

try to climb by urself

noladol says:

I’ll just bring a gun with me and shoot myself down.

Theo Katharina says:

5:35 yes there is : jump

Immanuel Wood says:

2 words “FUCK THAT”

derick dasilva says:

huh ? this is scary to over a hundred thousand people?

SoCalPrepper21 says:

Whatever this guy gets paid, it is NOT ever going to be enough for what they do. No way!

DuhDirtyPretzel says:

just go to 0:53

Alien Activity says:

Do they get parachutes? i can’t think of a single good reason for why they shouldn’t.

William Lucas says:

Now stand and balance on one foot on the top.

Vilnis A says:

It take your daughter to work day. Sooo, how you like me now sweetie?

MrCFBad says:

Im surprised they were able to make it all the way up considering they were being held down by such giant balls.

MrCFBad says:

Well then he dies.

mon3ybagz says:

then this video would of had way more views

IrishLincoln says:

that too haha

Drewbert11005 says:

just…nope nope nope nope nope nope….

Jim Jordan says:

No Doubt!!! I am the same way!!!! LOL

Michael Ichan says:

Started from the bottom, now I am here…

realspells12345 says:

what if the rod thing breaks and he falls dow to his death

lostone4711 says:

why not free jump with a Parachute to get down ? be safer then going back down

Fuck This Game says:

………….. why can’t you spell out them and that? “Dem” and “Dat” makes you sound dumb.

JohnnyB1124 says:

no amount of money….nuff said!

MrNospower says:

I just realised that I am scared of heights I never knew

officialDJNSBch says:

now u only got 60 feet to go :O lmao da fuck

Kevin Wesley says:

i would have a heart attack about a quarter way up

zackarysheets says:

the helmets keeps you from bumping your head on the various metal objects on the way up there and getting knocked out

HZ0MOCE says:

Id probably crap my pants at 400 feet of free climbing

Louis O' Cypher says:


Fumbalia says:

I’m never complaining about any roller coaster ever again

osheon says:

One hell of a game of “King of the Hill”!

Frederick Potts says:

This is one job I just wont do no matter how much they paid me!!!!! and I’m someone who’ll do anything

elhaupto says:

and along came an earthquake

joshuatrunksdone says:

Dude I was getting a heart attack by just looking @ dem climbing dat high. BTW it would b a good idea to cary parachutes 4 dem 2 go down with cuz dat climb down must b exhausting.

tinfoilhatter says:

LOL good one

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